Can I use IPTVCACTUS abroad?
You can use it anywhere in the World  with broadband access and speed over 2 MBPS.  VPN not required.

Is there a contract or Direct Debit payment?
There is no Contract or Direct Debit. It is a “Pay as You go ” service.

I liked your service and after a Free trial I want to extend it.
To extend your trial please contact us.

Is the payment secure?
Yes, all payments are controlled and managed by our Payment Provider.

Can I use my subscription on multiple devices?
Yes you can. One code can be used on one IPTV Box and one phone or tablet at the same time. But if our system detects that code is used on more devices than allowed than code will be blocked for 24 hours for all devices.


  • My channels are freezing.
    a) 99% of the time it means that your internet speed has dropped and is too slow or unstable.
    How to fix:

    • Power off and on router , it helps sometimes.
    • Watch SD channels instead of HD, as HD requires much faster internet.
    • If you must use WiFi , than replace it with “home plugs”, they send internet through electric wires in your house, so no need to run cables and no need to use unpredictable WiFi

    b) Change video player in settings . It is possible for Android devices only.

    • Reboot device, once you load the app you will see a message for about 3 sec on your screen “loading, press OK for settings”, than press OK while you see that message and it will take you to a setting menu where you can select between “MediaPlayer” and “IJK”. From our experience “IJK” Player is very good, but you can try “MediaPlayer”, maybe on your device it will play better.
  • Channels are not working.
    a) Check if you paid your subscription.
    b) Internet connection between box and router is lost. Power off router for a minute and power on again and than reboot your device.